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Professional of Rollforming

:: Kind of Business ::

- Made to order Cold Roll forming machine
- Design & consulting Cold Roll forming machine (Designing & Consulting)
- Modification Cold Roll forming machine
(Only Some Project)
- Managing of rrollform Factory System


In 1990... We Start to Learning in World of Roll forming Machine by Repaired & Rebuild machine from Oversea machine. And then.. we went to Germany to learned about forming... after that... we always improved our knowledge everyday... until now more than 400 machines still in customer place and running. With 20 persons of worker More than 4 of engineers professional of designers High Quality of Staff Close up to control all part and all pieces. More than 150 profiles from our machine ... Many countries use our machine ...

JIRA THAITRADE established from idea of factory manager at rollform Roll forming machine Constructor Company (Mr.Sam). Who'd more than 15 years experience in Roll forming machine construct factory (It's mean more than 500 Projects of roll forming machine was successes by him). He needs to test his new idea of business. So in 2003 new company Name “JIRA TOOLING CENTRE CO.,LTD.” was born in part maker business. And grew up with new idea of the owner. In 2006 the Roll forming machine Constructor Company (Place of Mr.Sam was factory manger) Change type of business from Machine Maker to Toll Rolling (Made Product to order by Roll forming machine.

That was point to turn overleaf of Mr.Sam's life. He quit him self from that company and then start to forming new company name “JIRA THAITRADE” to supervise the roll forming machine order from old client.

At first ...we selected only order of Air ducting machine because of easeful in this machine (Time of practice new staff). One year later after skill of staff in JIRA THAITRADE was stronger. Mr.Sam was satisfied to sign contact fully automatic roll forming machine customer.

And then forming new company (JIRA TOOLING CO.,LTD.) To support Assembly section. With enthusiastic staff and seriously quality control. Today JIRA THAITRADE proud to present differentiate “Roll forming maker company” group. Because we always work no more 2 project in factory. With reason of quality control should be.

:: Roll forming serving for ::

: Custom profiles & common shapes ::